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Semiconductor & EDA Industry

Etarios Corporation specializes in semiconductor design environment optimization, and troubleshooting. As semiconductor designs have become more complex with new low power and advanced node requirements (22nm, 14nm, FinFET, and related devices), not only have the number of objects increased, but the ability to comprehend all the other nanometer effects concurrently stresses all fronts. This puts tremendous load on the compute infrastructure, and budgets. Our experienced global team of Semiconductor professionals from Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor Graphics and more help you improve tool performance and stability so you can tapeout faster and get to market quickly. Whether it is SoC design, Analog/RF, Mixed-signal, custom digital we leverage technology to provide higher throughput at reduced cost.

Type of Engagements:

360° Free Assessment • Deep Dive Assessment • Performance SolutionsImplementations • Optimized Design Environment • Migrations

  • Saved $1.2mm in capex for R&D HPC cluster ($3.0m to $1.8m) – Fortune 200 leading medical device manufacturer
  • Saved $250k in license costs by a 90% reduction in tool startup time (25 min to 2 min) – Fortune 150 leading semiconductor design company, Avis
  • Saved $100k in capex by optimizing the display servers – Design start-up
  • Saved $125k in license costs by performance tuning the LSF throughput – Engineering semiconductor design firm
  • No data compromise fault rate over ten (10) years in operating High performance SaaS EDA tools cloud – IP Protection