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Support & Services

The Etairos Service Desk provides companies with 24 X 7 IT support by a team of veteran IT, remote support professionals. Our highly experienced team helps you address IT needs remotely with customer satisfaction, resolution and urgency as our key priorities.

Key Services:

  • Windows Operating System Support
  • Remote Connectivity Issues
  • Application Troubleshooting
  • MS Office Support
  • Data Recovery from Malware Infections
  • Mobile Workforce Solution Support
  • Problem Management
  • Incident Management
  • Change Management
  • Knowledge Base Creation
  • VPN Troubleshooting
  • Identification of Your Key Support Needs


  • Increased productivity by decreasing employee downtime
  • Increased effectiveness: Piece of mind knowing that assistance is a phone call or email away 7x24x365
  • Increased knowledge for your workforce from working with our experienced IT support professionals.