Working at Etairos

Are you at a point in your career, where you want to join a company where clients come first, but your job fulfillment is also very important? Do you want to join a company where you are empowered to implement your technology vision and develop IT solutions that will truly help your clients? Do you want to create client partner relationships where you have the authority to make business decisions that quickly service your client’s needs? Do you want to join a company where you have a chance to be an equity owner, enjoy unlimited vacation, and can live wherever you desire? Do you want to join a company where leadership trusts you and cheerfully helps you succeed? If you answered yes five times, you want to join us!

Etarios Corporation is a progressive consulting company that is reshaping how IT consulting services and solutions are created and provided to clients. Our highly entrepreneurial environment is designed to leverage social technologies, crowd-sourcing, incentivized gamification, client gain-sharing, and collaborative marketplaces, to offer clients advanced technical consulting solutions, affordably and rapidly.

To realize our consulting vision of the future, Etairos is currently sourcing and investing in the following career positions and are searching for people who can embrace our entrepreneurial vision and liberating business framework.

Expertise Centers / Positions