Who We Are

Etarios Corporation has been founded by a group of seasoned Silicon Valley executives who strongly believe there is a better way to do IT consulting and service provisioning. We feel exorbitant consulting rates, complex legal provisions, change order proliferation, inflexible service methodologies and uncollaborative engagement processes are antiquated and frustrating. The Etairos commitment below combined with our progressive business practices will alleviate your pain when it comes to working with IT consulting and service providers.

Delight Our Clients

  • Show our clients the same care we do our families
  • Provide World-class Expertise Centers that benefit our clients
  • Strive to deliver solutions that result in client delight
  • Innovate! Innovate! Innovate! for our clients…

Build A Fun And Winning Culture

  • Be talented, motivated and innovative team players
  • Help everyone pursue their professional dream
  • Be a respected company that inspires employees, clients and our home communities
  • Be serious about business, but have fun and be happy!

Ensure Superior Execution

  • Maintain strong financial discipline that promotes consistently profitable growth
  • Service our clients with agility and flexibility
  • Drive simplicity, efficiency
  • Practice lean continuous improvement
  • Ensure integrity in all actions and maintain strong governance and business controls

Equal Employment Opportunity

  • Etairos is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) in the Workplace.