Infrastructure Services

As­sess­ment, solu­tion design, pro­gram trans­form­a­tion and op­er­a­tion in all areas of IT in­fra­struc­ture ser­vices through con­sol­id­a­tion, auto­maton and op­tim­iz­a­tion, in­clud­ing Data­cen­ter and Serv­er con­sol­id­a­tion, Vir­tu­al­iz­a­tion, Iden­tity and Ac­cess Man­age­ment, Mon­it­or­ing and Op­tim­iz­a­tion.

Security Services

Com­plete as­sess­ment, strategy cre­ation, solu­tion design, pro­gram trans­form­a­tion and op­er­a­tion in all areas of Se­cur­ity re­lated ser­vices, in­clud­ing: In­tern­al and Ex­tern­al Risk As­sess­ment and Man­age­ment, Threat Ana­lys­is, Pen­et­ra­tion Test­ing, Dis­aster Re­cov­ery and Busi­ness Con­tinu­ity plan­ning, Gov­ernance and Com­pli­ance.

Application Services

Next gen­er­a­tion ap­plic­a­tion ser­vices that trans­form en­ter­prises by lever­aging dis­rupt­ive tech­no­lo­gies. We of­fer con­sult­ing ser­vices around Cloud Feas­ib­il­ity, Busi­ness pro­cess Ana­lys­is and Product Se­lec­tion, and Im­ple­ment­a­tion ser­vices in­clud­ing Con­fig­ur­a­tion, Cus­tom­iz­a­tion, Data Mi­gra­tion and En­ter­prise In­teg­ra­tion.

Industry Services

Our Etairos Ex­pert­ise Cen­ter lead­ers have over one hun­dred com­bined years of in­dustry spe­cif­ic ex­per­i­ence, hav­ing made their ca­reers in the fields of EDA and Semi­con­duct­or, En­ergy and Edu­ca­tion. Etairos uses this ex­per­i­ence to ad­dress the spe­cif­ic chal­lenges and cater to the needs unique to these in­dus­tries.

Staffing Services

At Etairos, we know you need the right people to suc­ceed. Etairos provides short-term, highly spe­cial­ized, and niche con­tract re­quire­ments. We also provide tal­en­ted re­sources for project-based sup­port with the op­tion to hire our con­tract­ors as per­man­ent em­ploy­ees, or find the per­man­ent top tal­ent your com­pany needs today. By listen­ing to our cli­ents’ busi­ness needs, we have gained a unique per­spect­ive in­to how we can help.