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Introducing Etairos Semiconductor & EDA Services

etairos / January 7, 2015

CUPERTINO, CA – Etarios Corporation today announced the debut of its Semiconductor & EDA Services Expertise Center, with a range of design environment offerings to help Semiconductor design teams maximize their EDA infrastructure ROI. These offerings include environment definition, performance tuning, license optimization and cutting edge technology to speed design through tapeout. Staffed by a team of experienced Semiconductor design experts, Etairos is poised to become the de-facto “thought leader” in maximizing EDA tool investment value.

Etarios Corporation has assembled a group of the world’s foremost experts in Semiconductor EDA design environment optimization. Etairos Semiconductor EDA consultants have an extensive history of architecting, optimizing and enhancing Semiconductor EDA design environments. Dan Salisbury, CEO of Etarios Corporation states, “Over the last 18 years, I have had the pleasure of working with a number of Semiconductor EDA IT experts, unmatched in skill and execution. A number of these very talented people have joined Etairos to create and implement the world’s first Semiconductor EDA IT Expertise Center. This team understands the R&D and IT challenges associated with running and optimizing the massive IT infrastructure necessary to host 7×24, mission critical, global chip design processes. I have full confidence the unique depth of this team will provide phenomenal enhancements and optimization to any Semiconductor EDA design environment”.

Led by this talented cadre of experts, the Etairos Semiconductor & EDA Services Expertise Center will include a set of compelling value propositions for chip companies. By providing demonstrable savings in EDA investment value, the Expertise Center will lower the extremely costly EDA element of the overall design expenditure. The team has successfully implemented solutions which reduce HPC design cluster build cost by 40%, increase design flow by 30% and enable secure Intellectual Property protection environments for global collaboration. We can also enable simulation and verification to leverage cloud environments as designs pass through the 20 nanometer threshold. Says Salisbury, “Cost of design and time to market can be dramatically improved using the expertise Etairos provides. This improvement will be particularly critical as Semiconductor companies grapple with the competitive affects of high performance computing, public and private cloud capacity, virtualization, growing IP security threats and mobility and social technology client expectations”.

For more information about Etarios Corporation’s Semiconductor & EDA Services, visit:–eda-services.html

Etairos Global Technology is a privately funded global IT Consulting Firm, with operations in Northern California, Southern California, India and Texas. For more information on Etarios Corporation, visit, or contact Raimonds Turaids at (650) 996-8491.

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