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Peter Galinskiy / December 29, 2016


SILICON VALLEY, CA – December 28, 2016 – Etairos Consulting ( is pleased to announce the acquisition of A4 Data Technology Inc. (, a ventured-backed Big Data replication technology company in Silicon Valley.

A4 Data is a pioneer in developing patent-pending data transfer technologies to enhance the speed and affordability of big data migration and replication between cloud and on-premise environments.

Its offerings include both software and appliance products. Its usage is ideal for cloud data migration, and data replication for Inter-Clouds, Cloud-to-On-Premises and across On-Premises. With patent-pending technology, A4 Data products virtualize incoming data to support heterogeneous network storage sources, providing copy data management and compression to produce a single gold copy of reduced data size.

It also secures data transfers with multi-factor security measures, keeps track of ongoing data changes, and optimizes the network bandwidth usage for data transfer. It yields a unified storage result (compressed or non-compressed data) at targeted destinations. A4 Data technology supports three manageable processes in data pre-processing, transfer and post-processing resulting in high speed data replication to the Cloud, inter-Clouds or on-premise environments.

“We are very excited to acquire A4 Data Technology for a variety of reasons including expanding our growing software product offering portfolio, being able to better service our client base in their large volume data transfer needs and to capitalize on the synergy our respective teams will bring to next generation development initiatives.” said Dan Salisbury, CEO of Etairos Consulting.

“With A4 Data’s unique technology, we are confident the combination of Etairos and A4 Data forces will serve our customers better and also introduce some breakthrough network algorithmic technologies into the market. We are thrilled about this acquisition and the opportunity ahead of us.” said Ellis Hung, CEO of A4 Data Technology Inc.

About A4 Data Technology Inc

Founded in 2013, A4 Data Technology Inc. is a venture backed big data transfer solution provider headquartered in Silicon Valley of California. It provides organizations a cost-effective and high speed methodology, with minimum usage of the network bandwidth, in migrating their big data to clouds (private and public) and to on-premise environments across different locations via wide-area network (WAN), internet or clouds.

About Etairos Consulting

Founded in 2014, Etairos Consulting is a privately funded global IT Consulting Firm, with operations in Northern California, Southern California, Mississippi, and India.

For more information on Etairos Consulting, visit, or contact Ed Chun at (888) 435-8158.

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