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Etairos Bonus Leads Program

etairos / December 17, 2014
Etairos Consulting, your preferred IT solutions provider, is now eight months young! To thank you for your generous support we are pleased to announce our newest innovation, the Etairos Bonus Leads Program! In our first 8 months, Etairos has acquired its first company (Western Data), opened 18 Expertise Centers, exceeded our year one investment capital goals and created our Global Technology and Sales Advisory Boards! The Etairos family has now grown to 92 people, and is increasing rapidly. Stay tuned for more exciting news in Q1 as we announce our next acquisition! By clicking the leads URL, you can help us enhance our client reach, while earning a healthy financial reward for your effort! Any opportunities you recommend, which we successfully close, will earn you a 2% bonus on the year one revenue value of the opportunity. So help us, help yourself, and click the leads URL to get this party started! To learn more about us, visit us here: Stay in touch everyone and let us know how we can help you solve your IT challenges! Contact us anytime at: (888) 435-8158

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